The IRS has announced that it has become aware of limited circumstances in which it may be appropriate to provide relief from double taxation resulting from the application of the repatriation tax under

The IRS will return sequestered funds to businesses that were affected by a recent Office of Management and Budget (OMB) determination regarding the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985, as

The IRS has provided a process for eligible taxpayers to make a one-time claim for the credits and payments allowed under Code Secs. 6426(c), 6426(d) and 6427(e) for biodiesel (including renewable diesel) mixtures

The IRS has announced the launch of the new Gig Economy Tax Center on its website, to help individuals in this growing area meet their tax obligations through more streamlined information. It is intended to

The IRS has launched a new online assistant designed to help employers, especially small businesses, easily determine the right amount of federal income tax to withhold from their workers’ pay. Known as the

The IRS has issued interim guidance for the 2020 calendar year on income tax withholding from periodic payments for pensions, annuities, and certain other deferred income under Code Sec. 3405(a). Under the guidance: information

The IRS has established a safe harbor that extends relief to certain taxpayers who took out federal or private student loans to finance attendance at certain nonprofit or for-profit schools. Under the relief:

The IRS has released the optional standard mileage rates for 2020. Most taxpayers may use these rates to compute deductible costs of operating vehicles for business, medical, and charitable purposes. 2020 Standard Mileage

The IRS has provided the adjustments to the limitation on foreign housing expenses for specific locations for tax year 2020. Generally, a qualified individual whose entire tax year is within the applicable period

The IRS has urged tax professionals and taxpayers to use the multi-factor authentication feature offered on tax preparation software products for preventing data thefts. Multi-factor authentication requires returning users to enter their username/password