The IRS is planning to audit more high-income taxpayers, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told House lawmakers. The plan comes on the heels of recent reports that the IRS has conducted more audits of

The IRS has warned taxpayers against tax scams and identity thefts related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Taxpayers are expected to watch out for calls, emails, text messages, websites and social media attempts that

The IRS urges taxpayers, businesses, tax professionals and others to follow its official social media accounts and email subscription lists to stay updated in connection with COVID-19 and economic impact payments. These platforms

The IRS has announced that recipients of benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA benefits) will automatically receive Economic Impact Payments (EIPs). Veterans and their beneficiaries who receive Compensation and Pension (C&P)

The IRS reported a record increase in the use of Free File products for entering and filing federal income taxes. A total of 2.9 million tax returns was recorded through the Free File

The IRS, the Treasury Department, and the Social Security Administration, announced that recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) would automatically receive Economic Impact Payments (EIPs). SSI recipients would receive a $1,200 EIP which

The Treasury Department and the IRS urge taxpayers who do not normally file a return to use the newly launched online tool called "Non-filers: Enter Payment Info Here" ( for quick registration

The IRS has instructed employers that file quarterly employment tax returns (Form 941, 941-SS, or 941-PR) and are eligible for the new employee retention credit to not claim the credit on their first

The Treasury Department and the IRS have launched the employee retention credit for businesses that have been financially affected by COVID-19. The credit is specifically designed to encourage businesses to keep employees on

Two new refundable payroll tax credits are provided for small and midsize employers, designed to immediately and fully reimburse them, for the cost of providing Coronavirus-related leave to their employees. This relief has